On a Mission To Impact More Than 1,000 Overwhelmed Business Owners Create Sales Everyday

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Discover the Marketing Secrets of 14 Experts: Top 1% Freelancers and Agency Owners who run and head the marketing of Million USD$ business


How much would you pay for a Done-For-You Money Machine?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Do you already have a digital business? Want to learn a new skill to use on your own or as a service provider?

Then this summit is for you.

I’ll tell you more about why in a minute.

When newbie entrepreneurs are desperate for sale, the most common strategy is to “try” some marketing.

Overwhelm by all the free information online, scattered bits of knowledge, hard to string together into one successful marketing strategy (like puzzle pieces that you can’t piece together without looking at the big picture)

Free information online that’s really great… BUT a profit killer when it got you stuck in analysis paralysis.

In other words, wasting limited time, money and energy that you can’t spare.

You need a “STOP” sign that tells you “You have enough information to make it work”

Digital EntrePreneur Summit 2020

A convention of top company CEO, Founders, Agency Owners, coaches and Service Providers. Answers One Question:


With all the Distractions Online and Offline.

How will you regain your 20/20 Vision and Achieve your Income Goal Next Year?

WITHOUT your current network…

NO email list…

NO assets and portfolios…

WITH only your expertise intact..

Grab a seat.

Ready your pen and paper as you take a front seat in this 5 day virtual event.

Watch each expert tear down brick by brick how they will regain their business 20/20 vision and target sales goal if they have to start from square one… no network, no email list, and no assets and portfolios…. with only their expertise intact.

Choose one model that resonated with you, stick with it and make it work.

Inside this summit.

We are on a mission to impact more than 1,000 Overwhelmed aspiring and newbie digital entrepreneurs create sales everyday before year 2020 ends.

Will you help us help you?

The live summit is free (recording will be available for a small ticket fee).

The only investment that we need from you, for you to get the most out of this summit and become successful in your business is Time.

(That’s a funny sentence, actually. Because it seems like I’m persuading you to be successful which is your ultimate goal. Or am I wrong?)

Carve maximum of 2 hours everyday in the next 5 days.

After signing up to grab your 1 week free live event pass. You’ll receive every morning a link to each day of the summit from Day 1 to Day 5.

This summit is for you to gain understanding of how the gears runs the backend of their marketing as you watch each expert tear down brick by brick WHY they are doing it and WHY it’s working.

Helping you build a marketing machine that runs with a TAP of a button.

incredible people

Our speakers


Founder at Julian Canita Marketing Solutions Inc

Jennifer Gardella

CEO at Your Social Media Hour

Kev Chiche

Online Course Marketing Wizard

Ace Reddy

Founder at Elite Ecom Group

Shenalyn Portugal

Founder, Conversion Focused Email Copywriter and Marketing Automation Strategist at Digital Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Matt Travis

Founder at The Potential-U

Michael Cariaga

Founder at YouTube Mafia

Tanisha King Taylor

Motivational Speaker. Author. Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and Facilitator

Nino Sem

Traffic Expert at Ninosoloads.com

Abhay Purohit

Automation Marketing Consultant

Tiffany Toombs

International Speaker. Author of Stop Being A Selfish B*tch – A Comprehensive Guide To Living Your Best Life Through Radical Self Love

Niel Reichl

Founder at Bottbott. Manychat Brand Ambassador