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7 Figure Strategy to Easily Close Cold Traffic to Your High Ticket Offer

Shenalyn Portugal | Founder at Digital Entrepreneur Bootcamp

7 Figure Strategy To Easily Close Cold Traffic To Your High Ticket Offer

Shenalyn Portugal | Digital Entrepreneur Bootcamp

For almost 4 years she’s been helping 7-8 Figure businesses with conversion-focused email copy and marketing automation strategy.

She’s going to walk you through her proven step by step blueprint, a marketing strategy that optimize it self as you gain results and feedback.

3 Step Framework to Position Your Course and Make Sales in 21 Days

Kevin Chiche | Online Course Marketing Wizard

Psychologist turned direct response marketing consultant.
He helps course owners take their sales from shaky to consistent by crafting sexy offers and brilliant sales messages that resonate with their customers.

Microsteps to Get Incredibly Strategic in 2020

Jennifer Gardella | CEO at Your Social Media Hour

Dr. Jennifer Gardella is Your Social Media Expert who has built her consultancy helping business owners with blogging, SEO and social media.  Jennifer has written for the Huffington Post, completed a Tedx, and is a sought after speaker in the areas of digital marketing and resiliency.