Digital Entrepreneur Bootcamp​​

Digital Entrepreneur Summit 2020


20 Microsteps to Rebuild Your Business in No Time

Julian Canita | Founder at Julian Canita Marketing Solutions Inc

Julian Canita is a Facebook advertising strategist and a transformational life coach. Who has worked on Facebook ad campaigns for over 200 businesses all over the world and has taught over 1,000 students.

On a vision to create a nation of dreamers where people see their greatness and not their limitations by empowering entrepreneurs to reach more people and help more people through the power of Facebook ads.

Julians step by step blueprint will walk you through:

How to Gain And Maintain Your Health And Lifestyle Quality While Building The Business Of Your Dreams!

Matt Travis | Founder of The Potential-U

Matt Travis is a Certified Function Strength Coach, Certified Precision Nutrition Pro Coach, Certified Wildfit Coach, FMS Certified, and a non-stop life long learner. Founder of the Potential-U, an online coaching program that helps mompreneurs transform their bodies and mindset so they can achieve a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

By the end of this presentation, you will learn:

How To Use A Case Study To Jumpstart Your Online Business

Michael Cariaga | Founder at Youtube Ads Mafia

Michael Cariaga is the Godfather of YouTube Ads. Helps online course creators by sending mobs of hot leads and 3x the ROI for their high-ticket courses. A collector, hobbyist and car aficionado.

Bootcamp Membership includes: