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Learn from 10+ Speakers share their expertise. Gain 20/20 clarity in your business.

5 Day Virtual Summit | 25th – 30th of January 2020

Target Audience: Impact more than 1,000 Overwhelmed aspiring and newbie digital entrepreneurs who’re having a hard time strategizing their marketing strategy plan + freelancers who are looking to add new skills

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SUBJECT LINE: Failing vision jeopardizing your sales?

Hey [NAME],

When newbie entrepreneurs are desperate for sale, the most common strategy is to “try” some marketing.

And the most common outcome ofcourse is to lose their shirt, pants and the rest of their wardrobe.

Like wearing an unprescribed eyewear.

I’ll tell you more about it in a minute.

For now, just know that it’s gonna frame you up to a huge headache up ahead.

Marketing should NOT be that hard because it’s NEVER about guesswork and risk.

In fact, marketing in the digital world can be your safest bet, you can even start your business with ZERO cost and generate 7 figure in revenue BUT only if you already have previous sales and marketing experience.

I must warn you. Successful marketing strategies takes a lot of time and testing to piece together.

Like prescription glasses to correct your vision. Optimologist have to carefully check your right and left eye thru a machine. Test the actual lenses by making you temporarily wear it to check which one fits and gave you 20/20 vision. Then shape the lenses to fit the frame.

An eyewear made just for you, to correct your vision and not to make it worse.

Like wearing an unprescribed eyewear that dooms you into having a failing vision. A marketing strategy with a blurred focus will jeopardise your sale instead of skyrocketing it in the long term.

But not if you innocently believe the biggest LIES about Marketing Strategy and wind up angry, frustrated, and wasting money hand over fist.

I’ll tell you more about it on my next email.

So for the meantime, if your sales upward trajectory is getting jeopardise by your failing vision.

Or you can’t get a 20/20 vision on your marketing strategy.

In other words, wasting limited time, money and energy that you can’t spare.

Hit reply on this email. I would like to know your problem.

Don’t worry it would be our secret.

All the best,

Shenalyn “Marketing Secret Keeper” Portugal


SUBJECT LINE 1: Don’t make this same mistake in 2020

SUBJECT LINE 2: Little Prince #1 money machine

Hey [NAME],

They say imitation is the best compliment one can give to someone they idolise. But what if, imitation leads to disastrous implications?

Are you familiar with The Little Prince?

At six years old, the little Prince saw a Boa constrictor swallowing their prey whole.

Then he drew it. The little Prince showed his artwork to the grown-ups, awaiting their frightened reaction.

To the little Prince great disappointment — the grown-ups, after seeing the artwork, assumed that it’s a hat.

“Grown-ups’ always need some explaining” the Little Prince realized.

So he made another drawing.

Now, showing the inside of a Boa constrictor.


One of the advice “gurus” thrown around in the marketing world — is to copy the marketing funnel of a company that you idolize.

Steal what’s working and implement them fast.

A note of warning from a friend in Digital Entrepreneur Bootcamp:

“Companies success on the outside isn’t always what’s happening on the inside.

Like a thirsty madman in the desert, running head-on to a puddle of water. Only to find out that it’s a mirage.”

So, while other entrepreneurs “just copy” the next big thing in the marketing world.

“ Do Value Post and Facebook Live…. How about Instagram? “

“ Long keyword SEO will surely skyrocket you on Google first page “

“ Ohhh you’ve got to be in TIktok I’ve had a million views. ”

Like a grown-up picturing a hat instead of a frightening sight of a Boa constrictor swallowing its prey whole.

In other words, pouring in your cash, time, and limited energy copying a supposedly working marketing funnel, without understanding the gears that runs the backend of their marketing and if it makes sense with their branding, only to be frustrated when no sales are coming in.

Trust me when I say, entrepreneurs like this, jump board copying the next big thing and got stress out easily.

Take no offence. But does this sound like you? Don’t make this same mistake in 2020.

Because while you are wondering what went wrong with your marketing funnel.

Little Prince in the marketing world, sit down a day or two. To not just model a successful marketing strategy BUT to tear down brick by brick WHY they are doing it and WHY it’s working.

Planning their marketing strategy inside out. From lead generation to nurturing to closing to delivering result to their clients.

Building a money machine that runs with a TAP of a button.

How much would you pay for a Done-For-You Money Machine?

Now, what if I told you I can help you build one?

Rooting for you,

Shenalyn Portugal



Regular Ticket Promotion

SUBJECT LINE 1: [SECRETS REVEALED] Your Blueprint to a fruitful 2020

SUBJECT LINE 2:  What 7 figure digital entrepreneur won’t tell you

Hey [NAME]

4 hour work week…

Phone notifications of sales coming in while you are on a five star beach resort sipping a glass of martini…

Words heard from successful entrepreneurs that got you dreamy to get started but instead rewarded you with:

[+] Marketing strategies that’s all over the place
[+] Stuck with your marketing… and not sure what to do next
[+] Value posts unheard by Millions except your mom and relatives

In other words, frustration, overwhelm and low self-esteem clouded the path to your promise land (What’s your income goal?)

Make no mistake. These words are true. I know a few founders  whose living the dream.

Then what did I do wrong?” you ask.

What 7-figure digital entrepreneur won’t tell you…

Somethings hidden up in their sleeves.

And I’m excited for you for being part of my community. 

I’ve teamed up with over 10 experts: top marketers, founders, agency owners and freelancers in this 5-day virtual summit event hosted by Digital Entrepreneur Bootcamp.

Digital Entrepreneur Summit 2020 [ Live on 25th – 30th of January 2020 ]

Secrets will be revealed! 

But what got me excited with this virtual summit is how this can be your blueprint to a fruitful 2020.


Each expert will give you a run down on their step-by-step blueprint if they have to start from scratch. No email list. No network. With only their expertise intact.

Perfect for starting entrepreneurs like you.

>> Learn more about the Digital Entrepreneur Summit here

A bundle of courses from the speakers awaits you inside (worth USD$10,000 )

Rooting for you,

Shenalyn “Summit Speaker” Portugal

P.S. Looking for 20/20 clarity for your business strategy or someone you love or your network need help learning new skills?

Grab your ticket here for this 5-day Virtual Summit



Regular Ticket Promotion

SUBJECT LINE 1: [You’re Invited] Will you join me, Name ?


Hey [NAME]

Happy New Year to you and your family!

But for you, for being part of my community

I’d like to extend this invitation to grant you more opportunities this 2020

Digital Entrepreneur Summit 2020 [ Live on 25th – 30th of January 2020 ]

A 5-day virtual event with over 10 speakers: a convention of top marketers, founders, agency owners and freelancers.

No need to buy a plane ticket to hear from these experts.

Watch each experts tear down brick by brick their proven step-by-step marketing blueprint at the comfort of your home.

Overwhelm? This shouldn’t have. 

Pick the marketing strategy that  resonates with you. Stick with it.

Let it be your blueprint this new year.

What’s more, a bundle of courses from the speakers thats worth over USD$10,000 awaits you inside:

Shenalyn Portugal – Convert Past Prospects into Premium Clients with this Win Me Back Strategy

Ace Reddy – How To Build a USD$10k / month eCommerce Business: Spot a winning product, research your market, build your first e-commerce store and more (BONUS: Facebook ads crash course)

Michael Arciaga – Youtube ads laser targeting strategy that could 3x the ROI of your high-ticket courses

Niel Reichl – How to package your Facebook messenger marketing skills to close clients at will

Kevin Chiche – 5 Steps To Craft A Sexy Offer That Sells Your Course Like Hot Cakes… In Under 2 Hours

Matt Travis – How to Gain And Maintain Your Health And Lifestyle Quality While Building The Business Of Your Dreams!

Sarah Cordiner – 12 Ways To Massively Increase Your Online Course Sales in 2020 Without Spending Anything on Ads!

And more!

Learn more about the 5-day virtual summit here

Rooting for you,

Shenalyn “Summit Speaker” Portugal

P.S. Looking for 20/20 clarity for your business strategy or someone you love or your network need help learning new skills?

Grab your ticket to this 5-day virtual summit event

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