✅Easily sold out your product without paying more to your ads?
✅Fully booked your calendar with potential Premium clients WITHOUT wasting your time with manual reach out?
✅Secure and save more lives with your investment-linked insurance WITHOUT resulting in door-knocking and hard selling?


Previous client, Founder of a 7 figure info product company based in Singapore. They hold live seminars and workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and here in the Philippines. And for the event to draw full house every month, they spend at least USD$10,000 dollars to run their paid ads.

Imagine paying that amount, month after month, not to mention the ad spend increase due to strong seasonal ad trends.

Hold that thought.

Another thing…

According to Zenith Media: Global advertisers will increase ad spend by 4.3% in 2020

Yes, with paid ads you can scale quickly and reach more customers.

Aaron’s company has a large marketing budget — in terms of ROI quadrant matrix: Info products will give you the most ROI or Return of Investment

But there’s something missing in Aaron’s marketing.

And he’s throwing money on the drain without it — almost USD$120,000 in additional revenue every month

The missing link? 🔗

Aaron’s Email List

Over 70,000 email opt-ins were generated on his live events. However, he only send out monthly event updates. 😱

Remember the amount he spent month after month on advertising?

Listen, no matter what ways you’ve generated that email list.

You’ve paid for it with your MONEY or with your TIME

Nothing is given freely.

Look if you want to learn how I’ve handed Aaron an additional USD$120,000 in sales revenue every month.

And how you can apply it as well in your own business.

I’ve created a challenge for you.

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Shenalyn Portugal is a conversion focused email copywriter and marketing automation strategist with over 4 years of experience helping 7-8 Figure businesses in Real Estate, High Ticket Online Course and Info Product. Founder at Digital Entrepreneur Bootcamp where entrepreneurs subscribes to her list offering email copy and marketing strategy advice, tips and resources. She is also the founder at Fudkoto, an AgriTech startup on a mission to innovate agriculture and elevate the economic status of farmers thru effective use of technology and marketing.

In 2014, out of necessity to earn an income during her university years without compromising her studies with corporate jobs. She started looking for opportunities online by searching “How to earn online” in Google, and out of all the bluff and get rich quick scheme articles, one article resonated with her an article on earning your first $1k by Ramit Sethi.

Funny enough, the article is about freelancing but after signing up to Ramit Sethi’s newsletter, Shenalyn became obsessed with how to craft an email that gets open every time. From reading books and investing to courses from some of the top copywriters and marketers: Dan Kennedy, Travis Sago, Ryan Levesque, Robert Kiyosaki, John Pagulayan and Allan Ngo. Shenalyn learned not just how to write an email per se, but understanding the buyers psychology to help create a conversion focused email marketing strategy. Accidentally discovering the Art of High Conversion Emails — that hooked, educate and preframe your email list into ready paying clients waiting for your offer (not you begging for a sale)

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